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EUPHONIUM (BARITONE) Solos - Piano Accompaniment

  *Note: Except for limited live samples, audio clips have been generated from Vienna Symphonic Library, Garritan Concert & Marching Band.

Click on this pdf for Pitch Range Reference:      


EBSP00 – Seas Series Solo Book + Narration (all 9 solos EBSP01 - 09)  

includes all 9 Sea Series solos EBSP01 through EBSP 09 plus optional narration in bass clef. Purchase a Trumpet Solo book for all solos in treble clef


SSPA00 – Sea Series Piano Accompaniment Book + Narration (all 9 Solos)

Piano accompaniment book for all 9 Sea Series solos. One accompaniment book accommodates all wind and percussion instruments. 


Read the Sea Series Solos Optional  Narration:  

included with all solos

Note:  Euphonium/Baritone solos include both bass & treble clef copies


play EBSP01 – Rudd’s Tavern by the Wharf    

 Written Range: (d-flat - g1)            (1:30)


play EBSP02 – Out to Sea, Far, Far from Home    

 Written Range: (G - g1)                  (2:48)


play EBSP03 – Six Weeks of Sargasso    

 Written Range: (Bb - g1)                (2:14)


play EBSP04 – With Wind In Our Sails!    

 Written Range: (G - d1)                  (1:35)


play EBSP05 – Sudden Squall    

 Written Range: (A - g-flat)   — chromatics, flutter tonguing    (1:53)


play EBSP06 – Perpetuo Espagnol    

 Written Range: (B - f1 or a1)         (2:30)


play EBSP07 – Land to Starboard!    

 Written Range: (Bb - d1)               (1:14)


play EBSP08 – Sailors' Dance    

 Written Range: (F - a-flat1)            (1:56)


play EBSP09 –Homeward Voyage    

 Written Range: (G# - g-flat1)         (3:54)