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 *Note: Except for limited live samples, audio clips have been generated from Vienna Symphonic Library, Garritan Personal Orchestra, Garritan Concert & Marching Band, Native Instruments Kontakt 3. 

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play CB2:  Take It Easy                                             (Level 3)

Enjoy sharing this pleasant, calming number on your concert program. Numerous highlighted instrumental solos along with soloistic accompaniment lines. A plethora of changing instrumental colours.      (6:54)


 2nd Full Score:      CB2SC $8.0

play CB3:  Major Stewart’s March                  (Level 3.5 - 4)

A deceivingly simple march beat from percussion and trumpets advances to a lyrical baritone solo before trumpets and reeds assume the lead with vigorous rhythmic activity. Sustained woodwinds, bells & snare precede the dramatic tutti section followed by a percussion/brass recap before the concluding triplet flourish. . (Critical passage bass clarinet/bassoon is cued in tuba, horn in alto saxophone parts)  (4:18)


 2nd Full Score:      CB3SC $8.50

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play CB5:  Festival Overture                                   (Level 3)

Percussion introduction. Syncopated rhythms, energetic melody in E-flat  progress to serene andante in e-flat minor with soloistic lines for flute, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba bells, and percussion. Drums, saxophones play the transition to the original Allegro theme.


 2nd Full Score: CB5SC  $8.50

play CB6:  Fun Day at the Fair )                          (Level 3.5)

A rollicking 6/8 tune starts directly with a tutti A-theme and instantly challenges and displays the technical skills of each instrument section between returns to the A-theme. Good fun with effective slow downs and an exciting accelerando finish. (5:06)


2nd Full Score: CB6SC  $9.00 

play CB7:  Fanfare for The Occasion                     (Level 3.5)

An exceptionally appropriate opening for official occasions.



2nd Full Score: CB7SC  $7.00


play CB8:     Ahh! Les Voyageurs!                           (Level 3)

Recorders, (flute alternates) wooden spoons introduce a round (optional cues provided). A bright, cheerful melody results from a weary voyageur's response to the tedium of paddling & portaging from dawn to dusk, day after day. Lots of work for the woodwinds. Alternative cues for the exposed oboe/bassoon sections. You need a duck call in your traps section!   (3:53)



    2nd Full Score: CB8SC 



play CB9:    Superior!                                             (Level 3.5)

A majestic andante opening in F Major accelerates to the main theme sounded first by trumpets, next by upper woodwinds, finally to the powerful effect of unison trombones, slowing to an andante maestoso in C, with a cantabile brass to woodwind chorale, culminating with a massive molto grandioso finish. (5:04)


    2nd Full Score: CB9SC $8.50 

CB10:   Lake Keweenaw  

 This aleatoric piece has significant impact on audiences. Instruments are harvested from Mother Nature. Total darkness is an absolute prerequisite for the performance. A spoken opening introduction, instructions, and parts are provided. A minimum of 20 performers is recommended for great impact on the audience. An effective recording is  not possible. If interested, please inquire for more about this piece. 



CB11:     A Superior Suite  (Levels 2 - 3.5)

This is a 4-movement suite with the following titles:

I - Lake Keweenaw, II Anishinaabe Welcome, III Ahh! Les Voyageurs, IV - Superior

Presented in chronological format, the suite reflects the Lake Superior Basin evolving from a giant ice sheet 12,600 years ago to its present day form:  

1- Lake Keweenaw is performed in darkness with natural instruments*. 

2- Anishinaabe Welcome is based on an Anishnabek honour song. Strict adherence to Anishnabek traditions are compulsory on the grandfather drum. An impressive introductory welcome written by a native of the region is included. An experienced native dancer can be accommodated during performance of this piece. Performance of this movement has considerable emotional impact on audiences.

3- Ahh! Les Voyageurs!, a round complete with a complaining duck, disturbed by the approaching canoe.

4 - Superior  - a majestic theme reflecting the vastness, power, and sheer beauty of the world's largest freshwater lake by area.