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 Full score and standard 5 parts included: 1st trumpet, 2nd trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba

 *Note: Except for limited live samples, audio clips have been generated from Vienna Symphonic Library, Garritan Personal Orchestra.

* Ranges provided for instruments are written ranges. See Pitch Range Spectrum pdf.

play Br5-01 Country Dance         (2:29)

This lively original composition in 2/4 evolves  through several keys with the lead played by each instrument/player. Ranges: 1st trumpet - g2, 2nd trumpet -  f2, horn - f2, trombone to g1, tuba - f.


play Br5-02 Check Your Swing         (2:21)

Set at a moderate tempo in E-flat, this tune involves syncopated rhythms and varied accents. Comfortable ranges: 1st & 2nd trumpet - f2, horn - g1, trombone -g1, tuba - e-flat.


play Br5-03 Melody for Myra        (3:32)

This relaxing melody finds it's way into each instrumental part as it progresses to a soft, soothing finish. Range: 1st trumpet - a2, horn - f2, trombone - g1, tuba - g.


play Br5-04 Swing Tune        (2:28)

A featured trombone solo is introduced with triplets from trumpets, passed on to 2nd trumpet, then both trumpets, without & with mutes. Ranges: 1st trumpet - c3, 2nd trumpet - g2, horn -f2, trombone - g1, tuba - b-flat.


play Br5-05 Alleluia        (3:01)

A remarkably beautiful melody suitable for sacred and secular performance. Ranges: 1st trpt - g2, 2nd trot - c2, horn - e-flat 2, trombone - c1, tuba - g.



play Br5-06 Steel Worker Woes                  

Muted trumpets, a quasi adagio swing beat, plus minor key set a woeful atmosphere, yet offer a glimmer of promise. Solo lead parts for 1st trumpet, horn, & trombone. (Harmon mutes recommended). Ranges: 1st trumpet f2, 2nd trumpet d2, Horn e-blat 2, trombone g1, tuba GG to f   (2:38)