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for Band/Instrumental Classes

Elementary/Jr. High School - Levels 0.5 - 1.5

  • *Note: Except for live samples, audio clips have been generated from Vienna Symphonic Library, Garritan Personal Orchestra, Garritan Concert & Marching Band, Native Instruments Kontakt 3.


  • Large print Full Score
  • 70+ parts – minimum 2 parts per instrument on custom high quality 70# paper.
  • Motivating parts - all instruments.
  • Percussion section involved throughout.
  • Technical tips included in parts where appropriate. 
  • Excellent student appeal at elementary, middle, and high school beginner levels.
  • Composed with teacher/student focus by an active experienced Canadian music educator/performer.
  • Numerous optional cues provided cover missing instruments in your group. 
  • Additional parts, scores always available, shipped immediately upon request.
  • Custom parts can be created quickly upon request for visually impaired students.

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involves the first 5 to 6 Notes of Band Methods

*Click on the triangle to hear a complete audio clip.  

play BB3-00: The First 3 Notes        (Beginner)

- intended for instrumental classroom use prior to issuing of method book. Preparatory lines are interspersed with rests to facilitate identification of students who may be following others instead of reading the music. Please read the accompanying info pdf. - intended for first time instrumental classroom use. Pdf shows first 6 of 18 lines. 


play BB5-01: The Famous Five     (Level 0.5 - Easy)

This could be your band's first 80-measure piece. Everyone plays sustained notes, unison pitch, stepwise 8th notes. Well placed rests reduce potential fatigue and help develop endurance/control of the first 5 notes. Teach saxophonists parked left thumb slight rolling technique to 8ve key - a frequent required fingering throughout this work. The Famous Five works well for early public relations performances/concerts .  (2:41)


 2nd Full Score:   BB501SC  $7.00

play BB5-02: Swingin’ at Five       (Level 0.5 - Easy)

Teach swing style early with the first 5 notes. Tutti unison syncopated rhythm/melody simplifies and reduces time required to teach this piece. Occasional divisi 3rds add a pleasing sense of harmony and syncopation some spice. A short rhythmic interplay between upper/lower instruments concludes with a characteristic swing finish. Guaranteed to please players and audiences. Top seller of the BB5 series.  (2:00)


   2nd Full Score:   BB502SC   $7.00  

play BB5-03: Five of a Kind           (Level 0.5 - Easy)

Easy to learn lower instrument syncopation adds spark to a 2-beat figure preceding the Percussion section's 4-bar spotlight before it gets underway. A 2-beat melody is shared by all instruments as is the syncopated rhythm The 2nd section is straightforward rhythmically and in unison, concluding with similar syncopation during the last 10 measures. Accidentals are written in all instrument parts, useful for teaching "Accidental within a measure Rule" training. Generous unison rhythms and melody simplify teaching and learning Five of a Kind.  (2:31)


  2nd Full Score:  BB503SC   $7.00

play BB5-04: Circus March           (Level 0.5 - Easy)

Unison woodwind/brass 'call & answer' intro. Back and forth interaction throughout. One-measure soli lines for clarinet/trumpet, oboe/tenor sax/baritone. Accidentals are written throughout for Concert Pitch instruments. Use Circus to teach/reinforce the "Accidental within measure" rule. All players play lead/backup parts. Excellent for teaching ensemble listening skills through performance.  (3:01) 


 2nd Full Score:  BB504SC  $7.00

play BB5-05: Cavalcade            (Level 0.5 - Easy)

There's something about the moving low instrument notes that bring life to a descending melody from the upper instruments - a sense of dignity perhaps. Same pitch 8th notes add rhythmic interest coupled with dynamics changes. The middle section sees low instruments controlling melody while upper instruments experience an accompaniment role. A return to the original theme with additional rhythmic activity progresses to a unison conclusion. Student success and confidence results from performing this work. (2:45)


 2nd Full Score:  BB505SC  $7.00

play BB5-06: BT Rock                (Level 0.5 - Easy)

Easy syncopation, staccato, and accents start the action. Measures 9-16 and 29-36 are cued in all parts for full class participation to learn/play the rhythm. Drum set has convenient numbered measures for repeated rhythm measures. Rests in all parts permit 'process time' to prepare the next note. Players acquire a 'feel' for silent beats in motion. A fun piece for all players.            (2:20)


2nd Full Score: 
BB506SC  $7.00

play BB5-07: March for Unity  (Level 0.5 - Very Easy)

Unison stepwise 1/2 & 1/4 note rhythms for multiple measures progress to a more interesting call/answer exchange of beats between high and low instruments, with limited staccato in all parts. This is an effective introduction to basic dynamic levels of piano & forte for everyone. Melodic phrases with 3rds and 5ths conclude with stepwise motion in low instruments. Tutti unison ending.   (2:40)


 2nd Full Score: BB507SC  $7.00

play BB6-01: Sing A Lullaby    (Level 0.5 - Very Easy)

A delightful, soft, gentle melody with an enjoyable run of slurred clarinet 8th notes supporting the shared flute/trumpet melody. A refreshing contrast to all the dramatic band charts in your concert.  (3:00)


2nd Full Score:    BB601SC   $7.00

play BB6-02:  Conquest           (0.5 - Medium Easy)      

An excellent choice for festival or concert performance. Percussion provides momentum for the beginning sustained tutti notes. The intro extends to measure 9 where contrary motion creates a 3rd to an open 5th, to a triad, before the drama fully materializes. Crescendi, decrescendo dynamics plus fp. Melody is primarily step-wise. Conquest sounds full, complicated, and difficult, yet only with a 6-pitch range. Students from grade 7 through 9 and even beyond are motivated to master it. (2:59) [performance by South Huron DHS Concert Band - I. Moore]


 2nd Full Score:    BB602SC   $7.00

play BB6-03:  Processional                    (0.5 - Easy)

Processional's 6-note range allows for repetitive performance without worry of player fatigue. Written to be played by any of the following instrumentations:  full band or woodwinds only, saxophones only, or brass w/wo percussion.  (variable - 2:21- 9:00+)   [South Huron DHS Concert Band - I. Moore]

2nd Full Score:
BB603SC   $7.00

play BB6-04:  Rock Beat                          (0.5 - Easy)

Drummer supplies the 'rock feel' throughout. Similar rhythms, small intervals, step-wise motion, and effective  rests collectively result in this energizing rock tune. All players experience the lead bass clarinet, bassoon, baritone sax, and tuba excepted, but they enjoy busy, motivating accompaniment lines for that rock beat effect.  (2:18)


 2nd Full Score:
BB604SC  $7.00


play BB6-05: Lady Bug March        (0.5 - Very Easy)

This 6-note piece involves considerable stepwise motion All players experience 1/4, 1/2, whole notes and rests, dynamic terms from to f , crescendo and diminuendo markings. Flute/clarinet melody cues are written in alto sax & trumpet parts. Technical tips written in parts & score (see p.2 - Score).    (2:34) 


2nd Full Score: BB605SC  $7.00     

play BB6-06:  Nomads                         (0.5 - Easy)

A nomad is a member of a people or tribe with no permanent address, who move from place to place seasonally, or following a traditional route for food supply. This work involves a very playable stepwise motion. Low/high instruments perform alternate measures of the 8-bar introduction. Upper woodwinds, trumpet, euphonium play a sustained theme supported with simple and effective 8th note activity of lower instruments. A role reversal occurs at measure 17.  Percussion enjoy 'written in' trumpet cues to reduce rest counting and encourage tracking other parts to simplify performance entries for percussion. Begins in c natural minor moving to E-flat Major at bar 25, returning to minor at 44.  A good dramatic choice. (2:16)


 2nd Full Score:
BB606SC $7.00

play BB6-07:  Rock 6              (Level 1 - Med. Easy)

Interesting rhythms will take some work despite a limited range of six pitches. This original rock tune involves syncopation for all players. The audio clip has the more advanced drum set part involving 16ths, and an easier 2nd set part devoid of  them is included and also written in the score.  (2:20)


 2nd Full Score: 
BB6-07SC $7.00

play BB6-08:  In Remembrance             (0.5 - Easy)

This work was written for Remembrance Day service or a concert without concern about range. It presents an atmosphere similar to 'Last Post' for any occasions of reverence. There are sustained imitative entries with strong marcato rhythmic support from bass instruments. Snare drum provides a constant andante rhythmic pulse with timpani, bells, bass drum presenting their tonal colours. Total range: the first 6 pitches learned - CP B-flat to G.       (2:36)


2nd Full Score
$7.00 BB6-08SC

RANGE: 7 notes to 1 octave - clarinets low register

play DB7-01:  Aleksei’s March        (Level 1 - Easy)

Staccato unison quarters introduce a stirring rhythmic minor theme from upper reeds, trumpet, euphonium at measure 3. Flutes have half notes at bar 7 later at 23 and onward, to give players more time to master awkward first fingerings. A second theme presents itself at measure 15. with the initial theme returning at 33 after a similar 2-bar intro. Aleksei's theme will get in one's head and stay there even after leaving the music room. An absolute favourite with students.  Tied with The Rebels & Tuareg Caravan for no. 1 Top Seller of Developing Band Series (2:30)


 2nd Full Score: DB701SC   $7.00

play DB7-02:  Rock Seven!              (Level 0.5 - Easy)

Young beginning musicians like playing Rock 7. They can play it confidently without spending a lot of time on it and it works. Drum set, shaker/cow bell, tambourine establish a rock beat while winds play unison rhythms with accents, marcato-staccato, staccato articulations, and a tutti unison slur in bar 15 17, & 19. Percussion section 4-bar soli sets up a tutti unison melody at measure 15. A forte- level ascending pattern at bar 23 brings this tune to life. Teach 'D.S. al fine' through performance. Added 3rds please one's ear in a harmonic sense. Lots of energy and student response! (2:32)


2nd Full Score: DB702SC  $7.00

play DB7-03:  The Rebels            (1.0 - Medium Easy)

A gentle flute intro suddenly becomes an aggressive forte tutti intro. Syncopated bass instruments support the dramatic theme from upper winds. Tutti crescendo and active percussion drive the melody to a forceful level. Woodwinds introduce a second gentle theme at bar 24, a temporary resolve, abruptly united by the full band. A friendly alto sax solo soon joined by clarinets/trumpets precedes return of the main theme. A very popular festival choice. Tied with Aleksei's March and Tuareg Caravan for no. 1 Top Seller of Developing Band Series  (2:59)


 2nd Full Score: DB703SC  $7.00

play DB7-04:  Just Movin’ Along     (0.5 - Easy)

A friendly, simple, pleasing unaggressive tune with tutti experience of slurs, & staccato. Brass players perform 'open-valve 5th' lip slurs comfortably in descending direction, horn excepted. A relaxing contrast to other band selections.     (2:32)

2nd Full Score: DB704SC  $7.00

play DB7-05:  Tuareg Caravan    (1.0 - Med. Easy)

 A full band introduction moves to solo bells (cued in flute) with percussion support. Melody instruments are supported by moving quarters in lower instruments.  The most recently learned note (3rd flat - written in key signature) includes an accidental in the parts as well as key signature. Saharan atmosphere of camels in motion with the constant quarter note backup & staccato 3rd note, even more so with snares off. All instrumentalists play lead and support roles at different times. A favourite with many beginning, junior, & high school band classes. Tied with Aleksei's March, & The Rebels for no. 1 Top Seller of Developing Band Series(2:07)


 2nd Full Score: DB705SC  $7.00

play DB7-06:  Lazy Days                        (1.0 - Easy)

This has a swing beat with simple syncopation. Challenging drum set involves repeated rhythms.  Here's a laid back, relaxing  and not too taxing number to play between dramatic selections in your next program. Active parts - all instruments.  (2:23) 


 2nd Full Score:
DB706SC $7.00

play DB8-01:  Night Patrol        (1.5 - Med. Easy)

Not a quiet patrol tonight. Heavily accented notes at allegro create driving energy throughout. Lots of drama after the repeat section with short 8th-note runs above rhythmic support right to the dramatic finish. Final measures resolve from minor to a 'Tierce de picardie' major tonality, suggesting relief/promise/success. (3:06) 


 2nd Full Score: DB801SC  $7.00

play DB8-02:  Good One, Herbie!   (1-1.5 - Med. Easy)

After the percussion section introduction, Herbie involves a back and forth of 8ths and 1/4s between the wind parts. Percussion plays throughout with an additional 4-measure spotlight. Herbie can be played several ways: as written with all instruments/without temple blocks/without blocks and xylophone depending on your instrumentation. Temple blocks challenge a talented/experienced student with 16ths and technical coordination .   (2:30)


 2nd Full Score: DB802SC  $7.00

play DB8-03:  Court Dance            (1.5 - Med. Easy)

 This triple metre selection for your group is a beautiful challenging piece loaded with slurs and  ties across the bar in all parts. Rhythm advances to off-beat 8th notes, 8th-note runs for low instruments. Consider playing snare drum with snares off.  (2:47)


 2nd Full Score: DB803SC  $7.00

play DB8-04:  Odyssey                    (1.5 - Med. Easy)

A tutti unison crescendo launches Odyssey followed by vigorous percussion activity. All players are engaged from start to finish. 1st & 2nd parts for clarinet/trumpet/trombone, soli parts for several instruments. Highly recommended for festival and concert performances.      (2:59)



 2nd Full Score: DB804SC  $7.00

play DB8-05:  Kenny Koala         (1.0 - Med. Easy)

This relaxed, gentle, cuddly 'koala-istic' piece involves instrumental interplay and melody sharing among the players with contributions from multiple miscellaneous percussion. It may take some time to learn, but there will be fun along the way. (2:54)


2nd Full Score: DB805SC  $7.00 

play DB8-06:  The Expedition              (1.0 - Easy)

The Expedition gets underway in a minor sense reflecting hardship and stress. It eventually resolves to the relative major, suggesting successful arrival. Melodic motion is generally step-wise with all players involved from start to finish.      (2:25)


 2nd Full Score: DB806SC  $7.00

Increased Ranges, 1st Clarinet-Upper Register 

play PB-01:  Gimme a Break! (clar. high reg.)   (1.5) 

Gimme focuses on desirable clarinet upper register technique, designed to develop confidence and ease playing high notes. Delightful melodic tidbits for flute, trombone glissandi, plus a 'percussion section' feature. Pedagogically excellent for clarinets and totally appropriate for concert performance, Gimme a Break! is an essential addition to your music library.  (3:10)

2nd Full Score:
PB-01SC   $7.00

play PB-02:  Roundup at Cody’s             (Level 1.5)

Upper brass set the 'western feel' with opening with quick notes (horn cued in alto sax).  Ubiquitous syncopation for all instruments ensure eventual full command of these rhythms. 1 to 2 measures of rest allow preparation for clarinet upper register C fingering. Recommended as a festival choice.  (3:05)

 2nd Full Score: 
PB-02SC   $7.00

play PB-03:  Leave it to Rock! (solo drum set)  (1.5)

A deceiving intro suggests this as anything but a rock piece. 2 drum set versions are offered, one with challenging 16ths around the toms, and a simpler version using 8ths. According to music students, this rocks! Limited upper register for 1st, low register for 2nd clarinet. Comfortable range for all instruments. (2:05) 

2nd Full Score:
PB-03SC   $7.00

play PB-04:  Canada Rock!                         (Level 1.5)

Unison intro backed by a basic rock beat gets this chart on its way.  1st clarinets play upper register C (optional cue an 8ve higher in measures 21 & 23.)  2nd clarinets low register with both parts to low E. Percussion section revels with a 16 bar feature . Trombones amuse all with a glissando. A fun piece!  (3:01)

2nd Full Score:
PB-04SC   $7.00

play PB-05:  Ceremonial Procession         (Level 1.5)

an excellent processional/recessional. Rhythm: some dotted-8th-to-16ths. Range just past an octave, clarinets low register throughout, trumpets to C. Player endurance of moderate concern regarding multiple repeats of the piece, depending on length of the function. The results sound beyond Level 1.5               (variable 4:17 – 12:51+)

2nd Full Score:
PB-05SC   $7.00

play PB-06:  O Canada                             (Level 1+)

(Key: A-flat)  requested version keeps clarinet in low register resulting in accidentals.  A considerable part is in unison for quick learning. C.P. A-flat & D-flat fingerings are shown in all parts to avoid pitch errors. Intended for instrumental performance only. (P5th below original key of E-flat version for voice & instruments).

2nd Full Score:
PB-06SC   $5.00

play PB-07:  TDT for Winds and Percussion      (0.5)

Except for 4 measures, it's open valves (1st pos. trombone) for all brass except horn. Percussion experiences limited 16ths & ¼ note flams. The sudden change from B-flat Tonic-Dominant to an A-flat Tonic-Dominant delivers impact. Optional upper tonic notes are included.  (1:32)

2nd Full Score:
LE05SC  $5.00