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[June 9, 2014]

Testimonials from Music Educators/Conductors who have used Ltd. Experience/Progressive Achievement Band Charts


Jennie Smit                           East Northumberland Secondary School                             January 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed the Lifelong scores I purchased for my school. Swingin' at Five was a hit with the students. They loved the rhythms. Beginner students felt successful after only their first 5 notes and more experienced players liked the jazz feel. Thanks for the well written music!

Mary Thornton                      Nipissing University — North Bay, ON                                 November 2013

As a university professor for music education an important part of my job is to introduce future music teachers to repertoire that could be used as a teaching tool in the classroom and ensemble setting.

Lifelong Music offers teachers an exceptional learning tool. Scores address specific issues that beginning instrumental music students often struggle with, and give teachers and students a chance to experience some real repertoire after learning only 4-5 notes. Teacher tips are included along the way, very beneficial for the beginning teacher. Scores range from 0.5 to 2.5 for beginning players, offering a variety of musical styles. Method books can become tedious. I want beginner students to experience 'real' music as quickly as possible. It opens up a new world of teaching concepts like style, balance, blend and form: elements that are addressed much later for the beginning student. In addition, there are grade 3 scores to challenge the more experienced student.This is an outstanding resource, well thought out, well written and well presented. As a bonus, it is student and teacher friendly. Thanks for taking the time to give back to teaching.

Shelley Kossatz                     Glen Dhu Public School — Whitby , ON                               October 2010
The Rebels!, Canada Rock!, Aleksei’s March
 - we really enjoyed them all! They were fun, energetic, and captured the interest of my gr.7 & 8 beginning band students. Rhythms were playable and we played what sounded like complicated music easily! Rebels! was the favourite. Our percussion section was THRILLED to be kept SO busy!! Thanks so much for sharing your experience and talent with us. These pieces really made beginning band FUN!

Isaac Moore                          South Huron District High School — Exeter, ON                      April 2011
On behalf of the South Huron Music Department, we’d like to thank you and your company Lifelong Music for sponsoring the reading session at the 2010 OMEA conference in London, Ontario. Your music has played an integral part in our students’ musical development and education at South Huron. Each one was “brought up” on tunes like Aleksei’s March, Canada Rock!, and Roundup at Cody’s. The band was thrilled for the opportunity to help showcase your music, and worked hard to produce the recording enclosed of our performance that day... The Senior Band from SHDHS is proud to have been a part of such a successful and meaningful experience with you. Thank you for making it possible, both by sponsoring our efforts financially, and by writing the music that helps shape so many young musical careers.

Mike Jensen                             Lockerby Composite School — Sudbury, ON                         May 2010
Ken has created a series of pieces that are accessible yet teach many of the techniques and concepts that developing musicians need to be successful.  The reality for the high school music teacher is that students enter secondary with a diverse background of musical experiences.  In response to that, Ken has done a great job at creating material that can address the level of virtually any group of young musicians.

Rick Cade                               Kortright Hills Public School — Guelph, ON                           June  2006
In the first year of a new program, we played Aleksei’s March and Tour de Force in beginning band and the kids loved them! Good sounding  music and motivating in all parts — excellent choices for an early public concert!

James Hilts                         Cardinal Carter Catholic Secondary School —Aurora, ON      February  2010
Gimme a Break
 is a great piece, especially for clarinetists. It really helped me near the end of the grade 9 course, and I noticed  there was a greater success rate at achieving the over-the-break challenge. The trombones enjoyed the slides as well.

Marla Sunstrum                       West Ferris Secondary School — North Bay, ON                February 2011
I enjoy using Swingin’ at Five, Just Movin’ Along and Leave it to Rock in my beginning grade 9 music class. What sets these pieces apart from other beginner publications are frequent unison lines so that everyone, including low brass, enjoys playing the melody. On top of that, the pieces sound good in my limited instrumentation class and the students feel successful almost right away.

Mark Reid                               Vancouver Technical Secondary School—Vancouver, BC       June 2010        The Beginner Band really enjoyed Aleksei’s March. The musicianship gained from studying that piece provided a great footing for the development of their musical future.

Denine Williams                       Korah Collegiate & V.S. — Sault Ste. Marie, ON                    June 2007
I’ve used Aleksei’s March, Swingin’ at Five!, Gimme a Break!, The Rebels!, Canada Rock!, Swingin’ at Docks, Good One Herbie, so far. These pieces meet specific needs of beginners and let them achieve a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment early - and they sound great!

Hollie Filice                               White Pines C.V.S.— Sault Ste. Marie, ON                       January 2007
Finding good quality interesting music to teach young beginning players is difficult. With Swingin’ at Five! and Aleksei’s March, my students can’t wait to get started! They love playing these and learn so much along the way!”

Tracy Finucane (formerly Lockerby Composite) Espanola High School — Espanola, ON   February, 2006     Ken’s compositions are written in a way that students can experience quick success, yet they incorporate musical aspects that can be continually improved and perfected. Students love to play these works and one hears, “Can we play Tuareg Caravan again this year?” These compositions are great for band and music class.

Neil Kennedy (retired)              St. Joseph-Scollard Hall C. S. S.— North Bay, ON           December 2005
Accessible to beginning level ... solid practice on foundational skills ... easy enough for less skilled... challenging enough to maintain more advanced performer interest...pieces work with incomplete instrumentation...educationally sound and fun to play.

Bob Robilliard (retired)                  South Huron D.H.S. — Exeter, ON                                    October 2006    “very accessible for grades 7, 8, and 9 students... creates enthusiasm for performance... everybody’s busy!”

Sally Lesk (retired)                        Lockerby Composite Sudbury, ON                                   October 2005
Swingin’ at 5! has become a tradition in our beginning grade 9 classes since 2003. As for Tuareg Caravan, it’s all the junior band ever wants to play!