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BEGINNING BAND - Beginning, Developing, Progressing Band Series Standard Parts List:                  

  1 Full Score  
10 Flute/Oboe 9 Trumpet 2 Timpani
12 Clarinet 4 Horn in F 3 Bells
  2 Bass Clarinet 6 Trombone 4 + Percussion
  2 Bassoon (E. Bass) 2 Baritone BC (70+ parts per set)
  3 Alto Sax 2 Baritone TC  
  2 Tenor Sax 5 Tuba  
  2 Baritone Sax    

INTERMEDIATE BAND - 1 Full Score, 65+ parts per set                         SENIOR CONCERT BAND: 1 Full Score, 65+ parts per set

Education Version Brass Quartets

All brass quartets include 5 parts: (2 trumpets - horn - trombone) or (2 trumpets - 2 trombones) plus Score. Education Version brass quartets address senior class repertoire, offering flexibility where unusual instrumentation often occurs. ED version quartets include 16 parts with a brass quartet score as follows:

Part I — 1st trumpet/1st clarinet — flute +8va  (4+2 = 6 parts)
Part II — 2nd trumpet/2nd clarinet  (4 parts)
Part III — horn — alto sax — 1st trombone (high tessitura)  (1+1+1 = 3 parts)
Part IV — trombone — baritone treble clef — tuba -8ve  (1+1+1 = 3 parts)                      

Advantage: 1) alternate to band charts requiring full instrumentation      2) continuous involvement for all players.                                        

Standard Quartet Price: see Ensembles                        ED version: $25.00

 Information re: Transposing instrument Solutions:

  • Clarinets read/play trumpet parts
  • Bass clarinet /Tenor sax read/play baritone treble clef
  • Bassoon can read trombone parts directly and vice-versa.
  • Baritone Sax can read Trombone: add 3 sharps to the key & read trombone parts as if written in treble clef. Determine adjustment for accidentals.
  • Tuba can read Baritone Sax parts by adding 3 flats to the written key as if written in bass clef (encourage reading/playing the notes down 1 octave lower than written).
  • Alto Sax can read trombone parts by reading as in treble clef & add 3 sharps to the written key.
  • Trombone can read Alto Sax parts by reading as in bass clef and add 3 flats to the written key.

  The Sea Series Solos

is a collection of 9 accompanied solos of varying difficulty, written for all woodwind and brass instruments, percussion, and voice. It includes optional narration for consideration if performing a group recital. Solos are available separately or collectively in book form. All instruments are accompanied with the same Piano Accompaniment book for the 9 solos except for vocal solos for which there is a Vocal Solos accompaniment book.

 Special Needs/Circumstances

Please contact Lifelong Music at regarding requests/special needs — e.g.

  • larger print part copy for visually impaired student
  • additional parts to accommodate bands exceeding the full set of band parts
  • additional scores for festival/adjudication purposes (Prices for extra scores are listed on Band web pages)