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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can't I buy Lifelong band sets and music in music retail stores?

A:  Retail store profit margin expectations added to Lifelong Music's own cost of production would seriously affect customer cost. The time and work involved in composing music, designing scores, designing parts and covers, producing audio clips, creating pdf files,  printing all parts, and cost of maintaining websites, purchasing essentials, purchasing/maintaining/ servicing equipment, promoting, exhibiting at music educator conferences, etc., is sufficient cost for a sole proprietorship to absorb and still provide a fair price to you, the customer. 

Q: My incomplete class/band instrumentation works poorly using band charts and the resulting sounds are unsatisfactory. Can you help?

A: Yes. We have arranged quartets and quintets for a local school that experienced an unbalanced situation. Students enjoyed motivating music involving lead and support parts for all players - not a common experience in band charts. Music students and their teacher were very satisfied. Contact Lifelong Music via phone or email to provide your particular classroom instrumentation for possible custom solutions. 

Q: Please explain shipping cost for items on this website.

A: Shipping amount is a Flat Rate in Canada based on the total amount of your purchase. Study the price ranges to your advantage (e.g. shipping for 2 band charts @ $50 or $56 each is the same charge as for 1 band chart).   

Q: Do you ship outside of Canada?

A: Yes. We ship to the United States and various European countries. However, once a parcel crosses the Canadian border, delivery times are uncontrollable due to Customs handling/inspections. For all trans-Atlantic orders Airmail is recommended. All items are HST free but shipping cost is subject to 13% HST (harmonized sales tax) both inside and outside Canada. The option of providing pdf copies upon receipt of payment has been used for other countries such as South Africa for which shipping would be prohibitive. Please contact us via email or otherwise prior to purchasing.  

Q: Do Lifelong Music beginner band sets cost more than major publisher sets?  

A:  No. Beginner band prices are similar to large international publishers, but Lifelong sets have 70+ parts with 2 copies each for baritone sax, bass clarinet, oboe, bassoon, timpani, bells, baritone BC, baritone TC, etc. instead of single copies like most major publishers who are reluctant to fulfill extra parts requests. Parts and score are printed on custom-ordered high quality durable paper and extra parts are always available. (View the Parts List for Beginner Band charts under 'Music Educators' in the left sidebar.)

Q: What sets Lifelong Music apart from the major music publishers?

A: Lifelong Music strives to provide you with quality personal service in terms of instrumental classroom or band music needs, and prefers direct person-to-person communication with you in this regard. We specialize in providing your customized needs. 

Q: Can I order additional parts for band sets? How long does it take to get them?

A: Yes, additional parts and scores for band sets are always available and can be mailed the same day you request them.  Call or email us with particulars. 

Q: I have no oboes, bass clarinets, bassoons, nor horns in my band. What do I do about band pieces with important roles for these instruments? 

A: Many Lifelong Music band sets purposely have written cues in other instrumental parts to substitute for these and other instruments to insure musical content & overall group sound remains as complete as possible. 

Q: Can you provide enlarged parts for the visually impaired? What about scores with larger print for experienced band directors?

A: Yes, Maximum page size available is 12 in. x 18 in.  Call or email us regarding your special needs. Regarding band directors experiencing changes in vision, scores are presently set in a large print, but in most cases, can be enlarged further. Call or email us with your request.

Q: Do you accept ATM or credit card orders?

A: No and Yes. No, we do not accept ATM payments, as our cost to subscribe would be passed on to you increasing the price. Yes, we do accept PayPal and credit cards online.  Once you click on the the 'ADD TO CART' button for an item you will have the option to pay via PayPal or with a credit card. You can log into  

Q: Can you transcribe music of mine into a software program and make copies?

A: Yes. Your cost would be relative to the complexity of your project. Your music can be made produced on paper varying from choral size (6.75 x 10.5) to letter size (8.5x11) to concert (9x12) to booklet/score format on either tabloid (11x17) or 12x18 paper. It can also be installed as pdf. files on a CD. An audio CD of your music can be created for actual sound reference.

Q: Can you transpose instrumental parts?

A: Yes. Your music can be transposed and printed.